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Microsoft 365

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Beyond the Conventional SEG Approach

Replace the need for your Secure Email Gateway, simplify your email security stack and eliminate the full spectrum of email threats by integrating Phishup with Microsoft 365.

Seamless integration with Microsoft 365

Phishup layers on top of Microsoft’s traditional email security for defense in depth, giving organizations more robust email security against modern email attacks and email data loss. Using Phishup’s API integration, security teams can integrate Phishup to their M365 environment in seconds with no pre-configuration required.

Automatically prevent advanced email threats

While Microsoft 365 will scan for known malicious payloads such as links and attachments, Phishup’s AI-based technology automatically detects and prevents the full spectrum of advanced email attacks that legacy email defenses miss.

Unburden overwhelmed SOC teams

Phishup automatically prevents email threats with no SOC interaction required. Emails can be automatically quarantined, or delivered to employee inboxes with contextual warning banners to free up your team’s time.

Remediate with speed

Claw back unsafe emails from users’ inboxes, update deny lists and remediate burst attacks in a single click. Phishup integrates with Microsoft APIs to allow security teams to sync user groups, investigate email contect directly within the Phishup platform and more.

Non-disruptive, in-the-moment security awareness coaching

Emails with the highest probability of being malicious are automatically quarantined for inspection and approval by a Security Analyst. For emails with a lower probability of being malicious, Phishup helps build a smarter security culture using in-the-moment security awareness coaching. End-users receive simple explanations of potential risks and are able to self-remediate, which also reduces security teams’ workloads.

Outlook Add-In

By integrating our phishing protection solution into the Outlook Add-In, we can significantly enhance your organization's cybersecurity posture and minimize the risk of data breaches or financial losses associated with phishing attacks.

See Microsoft 365 + Phishup in Action.

Phishup’s API integration seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 environments and requires no change to your existing email infrastructure. Deployment is fully automated with no pre-training, pre-configuration or changes to MX records.

Microsoft 365

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