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You are at the place where the latest developments in up-to-date phishing, critical cybersecurity, access control, phishing detection and data breaches are shared to help the world become more secure, knowledgeable and conscious

Speeds Up Time to Value

The API-based, cloud-native architecture enables integration and deployment within minutes to start ingesting thousands of signals. There is no need to change configurations or set customer policies and no disruption to email flow.

Blocks the Entire Spectrum of Email Attacks

Abnormal analyzes the all mail identities within your environment to stop all types of malicious email, including business email compromise, account takeovers, supply chain fraud, and more.

Automatically Triages User-Reported Email

Abnormal helps security teams save time by automatically triaging and remediating user-reported emails and identifying other emails in the environment associated with the same phishing campaign.

Remediates Malicious Emails to Prevent End-User Engagement

Abnormal automatically remediates malicious messages within milliseconds, removing the possibility of end-user engagement.

Explains Complex Attacks in Visibility

Abnormal provides searchable logs of every email message it categorizes with an in-depth Threat Log. Administrators can review trends, deep dive into attacks, or use search and respond capabilities to remediate misdirected messages.