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Phishup's INTEL API provides a real-time, site-specific query approach for identifying malicious URLs and inappropriate websites.

Designed for various applications, Phishup's RESTful API architecture allows seamless two-way data flow within the Phishup AI platform. This enables users to access threat data and submit data for threat detection processing.

It delivers curated phishing intelligence for comprehensive protection against active phishing threats in the wild.  More than just detections, API responses is enriched with additional metadata attributes like date detected, passive DNS informations, and other crucial data points.

It is an ideal solution for Security as a Service applications, firewalls, routers, email and web traffic scanning as well as internet content filtering. Threat classifications provides information on  whether a site or domain is blacklisted, or is safe and clean. API integration  of email events into Extended Detection and Response (XDR) or Security Information and Event Management/Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SIEM/SOAR) solutions for real time security is ready for Security as a Service companies.

Phishup’s INTEL API provides a fast, easy-to-implement cloud API query service to get an immediate yes/no response as to whether a URL/IP is phishing.  Ideal for email/SMS/surfing/collaboration applications that require real-time phishing verification lookups.